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What are car agencies betting on without electric models?

Different car agencies remain distant from the introduction of electric models to the local market.

In the market already get brands with models that feature this type of technology as the BMW i3, Audi e-tron, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus, Hyundai Ioniq and BYD e5.

The positions of the agencies vary according to the conditions and facilities at the country level, as well as the strategies of their suppliers in the region, among other factors.

In the case of British Engines, concessionaire of the Land Rover, Jaguar and MG models, they expect to offer the Jaguar I-Pace and the MG EZS for next year.

In the case of Grupo Automotriz, representatives of the brands Ford and Volkswagen offer the Ford Focus, although with the German brand they have not yet introduced a 100% electric model.

Ford would invest $ 11 billion in electric vehicles for international manufacturing, he announced earlier this year.

Of the 40 models that the brand has planned for 2022, 16 will be totally electric, while the rest will correspond to plug-in hybrids.

In regard to Volkswagen, the Automotive Group said that once the brand to worldwide to offer these solutions to the region, will make the request to incorporate them to your offer.

Meanwhile, Subaru does not plan to introduce electric models in the near future, but to continue developing environmentally friendly industrial technologies.

For this brand, the most important thing is not the speed with which the changes are made, but to achieve the real solutions of quality, price and durability of the product that the customer requires.

In that sense, they estimated that by 2022 they would be offering their electric and turbo-electric models in the local market.

Agencies hopes to introduce their electric models in the coming years, this hand in hand with the commercial strategies that the parent companies define for the region.

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