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Travel agencies will be able to sell

Gustavo Hani, President of the Faevyt and also top authority of the International Tourism Fair (FIT) confirmed that the expectation is “to find a new sales channel for all travel agencies in Argentina” and assured that the business rounds will continue to be. He explained that with this novelty they are “looking for a bit more interactive FIT with the public that pays the entrance and can find their holidays at promotional prices.

Although years ago they intended to implement the sale in the FIT, the president explained that the requirements that AFIP asked the agencies to carry out the economic activity made it impossible for it to materialize. On the other hand, with the electronic means of payment that exist today, it becomes easier to sell. “What we’re looking for is that today, the travel agency that spends on a stand and on coming to the fair, that that investment will return to sales.

Even though they have been hearing for years that the fairs are obsolete, the reality, Hani says is “that there are 20% more agencies participating than 10 years ago”; who, in addition, said that they are looking to give a tour of the fair, and this novelty is the first of several that they intend to launch in this edition or next year, like an app with offers or a gps to find the booth they are looking for easier.

Finally, Hani revealed that the provincial tourism secretaries are consulting a lot because they are interested in the subject. And, on the other hand, he proposed an idea that he gave to the Dominican Republic, and that they can adopt other destinations: “they bring Dominican operators, but they will not be able to sell, because the only ones that can sell are the Argentine agencies, then they should bring together Argentine operators and agencies, to sell the product of that operator

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