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Travel agencies and Tourist Guides adapt to new service platforms

Travel agencies and Tourist Guides not only adapt to new trends and platforms in service, but they even provide advice to schemes such as Airbnb, in the “travel experiences” that are offered in this mode, indicated the national president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV), Eduardo Paniagua Morales.
He even said that he advises and supports the Airbnb vacation rental platform not only to diversify its activity, but also to facilitate compliance with tax obligations.
” If you can’t handle the enemy, join him, the important thing is to give good service, ” he said.

In an interview, he acknowledged that for a long time, the service platforms already offer packages and tourist services under the name of “experiences” and that far from causing problems to travel agencies, it allows to put order and generate greater movement, certainty and security because the people involved are guides of tourists of the AMAV with all the certifications.
In fact, he recalled that in Quintana Roo there is a school of tourist guides that will soon be protesting and brings together more than 185 people from all over the entity, of whom 80-90 percent are registered in Airbnb to give the experiences.

We are talking about trained people who know the business and are not improvised,” he said.

The leader said that we often tend to think that social networks or platforms can harm us, “but we have to move and see in every difficulty the opportunity.”
Paniagua Morales said that as entrepreneurs, they also talk to the authorities to see how this service can be regularized and, above all, to regularize their activities, such as paying taxes.

We’re going to meet with officials from the Treasury Department to talk about an approach I put forward to get Airbnb to pay taxes correctly,” he said.

In this sense, he admitted that the entrepreneurs who are engaged in vacation rentals, if they pay taxes, but that it is not in accordance with the volume generated by this tourist service scheme.
“They are paying taxes, because when you book in a bank account, which is fiscal, ” he continued.

However, he asserted that the authorities made darias Mexico do not know how to do to pay these people, so that already presented a proposal that consists in placing within the catalog of the servicio de administración Tributaria (SAT), the activity of Airbnb and pay the tax as if it were a lease “deduction blind” of 30 per cent to make it easy for those families, that it would cover in addition to the 3 per cent, and must comply with the Official Mexican Standard.
“It’s not that people don’t want to pay taxes, they just don’t know how. We have to explain to them how and we have to teach them in the Treasury Department,” he concluded.

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