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These are the products that drive the Route Productive Exporting

The government is committed to promoting the internationalization of micro, Small and medium-sized enterprises (mipymes) and to this end will implement the export production route program.

Although the first stage is considered to be a pilot for 33 months in the regions of Piura and Junín, the idea is to expand it to the whole country for companies to have the opportunity to access their benefits.

“In this phase they will concentrate on agricultural products with export potential, ” said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Édgar Vásquez.

In the case of Piura, 96% of agroexport activities are related to mipyme, while in Junín it reaches 99%.

Prioritized products

Mincetur’s director General for Foreign Trade Development Policies, Diego Llosa, explained that in the case of Piura the generation of the exportable supply of bananas, mango, grapes and palta will be promoted.

Other varieties include aguaymanto, lucuma, lemon, coffee and cocoa.

In the case of Junín, coffee and ginger will be promoted. It also highlights the potential of maca, quinoa, pineapple, cocoa and their derivatives, as well as native potato, among the most important.

Llosa explained that the regions of Piura and Junín were selected for the pilot because, among other factors, they have decentralized offices of Promperú, as well as the presence of offices of other partners allied to this initiative, such as the Ministry of production (Produca), the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri).

“These regions have an agricultural export basket with great potential for transformation and value-added generation.

The Ruta Productiva Exportadora programme will enable the various mipyme public agencies to adapt and articulate the supply of services to improve their productive and internationalization capacities.

Among the entities that will participate in this articulation are the Minagri, the Promotion Commission of Peru for export and Tourism (Promperú), the Technological Institute of production (ITP), Sierra y Selva Exportadora and the regional Commonwealth of the Andes.

Ruta Productiva Exportadora will also seek to articulate with other programs attached to Producta, Mincetur and Minagri.

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