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There is progress in Simonovis meetings with security and intelligence agencies

The president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, spoke to the press this Friday, July 30, before beginning the regular session, and said that there are “advances” in the meetings held by the Special Commissioner for security and intelligence, appointed by Guaidó, Ivan Simonovis, with security and intelligence agencies to address the presence of irregular groups.

He added that they are investigating the ” alleged attack by irregular groups in Táchira state,“ which was recorded in the morning hours of today on the border between Colombia and Venezuela. However, this would be the second or third in two weeks, he added . “The regime can no longer even control the national territory (…) to that Maduro reduced himself, to surrender sovereignty,” said the president-in-charge of Venezuela.

Guaidó also spoke about his meeting with the German ambassador,
Daniel Kriener, and noted that it served to ” update him after four months of consultations in his country. Also said that “maintaining the support of the European Union” and the recognition of his figure of the president in charge. He also reported that they are reviewing the legal aspects of Crystallex’s decision to continue protecting the nation’s assets.

He argued that support for Venezuela is being built internationally to put an end to the country’s suffering.

On the Inter-American Treaty of reciprocal assistance (TIAR), he said that the communication had already been sent to the Organization of American States (OAS), which must finally approve the re-accession of Venezuela.

In relation to the dialogue, Guaidó indicated that it will be the Kingdom of Norway that will report on the New Day in Barbados and affirms that they expect further progress, not only in the talks with the delegation of Maduro but also with the TIAR, the International Contact Group and the Lima Group and with the OAS. “We have made progress on all grounds and this week will be no different.”

On the other hand, congressman Juan Miguel Matheus expressed himself regarding the photographs published yesterday July 29 by the late councillor Fernando Albán, which demonstrate, according to him, the torture to which he was subjected and recalled that these types of crimes do not prescribe and that there is no instance in the country that guarantees justice.

” These tests confirm that Albán was killed by the security organs of the dictatorship and that is what the government’s executioners are responsible for, and ultimately Nicolás Maduro, ” Matheus said.

In Parliament’s Hemicycle, electricity has failed twice so far during the day.

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