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Synonym of innovation for travel agencies

Travel agencies are in a process of innovation and reinvention. In the second Innovation Report of travel agencies in Spain, prepared by Amadeus, the consultant BRAINTRUST and Segittur, they try to know the level of innovation of Spanish travel agencies in order to analyze the possible improvements in the sector.

The study reveals that the investment for innovation in the agencies shall not be greater, but shall be kept because the agencies believe that the innovations that are taking place currently fit with the needs of the travellers. In fact, only 12% of all agencies plan to invest more capital in this area. While only 4% will earmark less than in the past year.

For most agencies, the challenge is to invest in issues that help increase their revenues: how to attract new customers, how to optimize budget and booking management, or how to improve access to supplier information. It is in this last aspect that Apartool is incorporated.

This startup, which offers apartments with monthly rental services in both national and international destinations, consolidates itself as the provider of apartments for long stays oriented for business travel.

For this reason, although innovation is very costly, agencies have resources such as innovation from intermediaries or suppliers. This is the case in the above-mentioned report, since 38% of the agencies surveyed place the impact of innovation on economic growth in the business at “high” or “very high”.

To reduce costs and be able to profit from the innovation, the travel agencies have resources such as that offered by Apartool: innovation in the accommodation by providing services and technological innovation in the optimization of the management of the reserve. Through a constantly updated platform, Apartool allows to make the booking management fully online but supervised by a human team with a long history in the tourism sector.

Agency innovation passes through intermediaries

The opportunity to understand Business Travel in a more modern and innovative way is to opt for accommodation alternatives such as the one offered by this startup. They offer accommodation in fully equipped apartments that offer hotel services (weekly cleaning with textile replacement, 24/7 care or included consumption) with the convenience of having monthly rates. This kind of accommodation has created a tendency among the guests on business trips, which must travel for their work –sometimes in long periods – and looking for all the comforts and feel at home despite being away from their homes.

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