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Recommend tourists to choose the formal boats

Resting and recovering energies are some reasons that motivate tourists to travel at Homestay parties. Preferred destinations include those where water activities can be carried out, such as sailing on the Amazon river or whale watching or swimming with sea lions.

The geographical location of Peru allows us to have various options and to make your promenade safe and comfortable, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) recommends:

  1. Always choose formal boats. They have an alphanumeric registration code, similar to that of a vehicle registration plate. It has 2 initial letters, 5 digits and 2 final letters. Characters must be visible to users.
  2. Do not exceed the number of seats on the ship. The number of passengers on board must not exceed the capacity of the unit.
  3. Always demand a life vest.

Also, companies that provide the service of Tourist Transport Water must have in force the following documents: operation permit, issued by the MTC or by the Regional Direction of Transport; National Certificate of Security for Ships, issued by the Maritime Authority; and the insurance policy that is current against personal accident of the passengers and the crew.

Finally, the MTC indicated that any additional information should be provided by the Agents of the Directorate-General of the Captainties and Coastguard who are assigned in the ports of the main cities of the country. Tourist transport operators (agencies) are responsible for providing services to citizens on formal vessels.

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