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Expect dealerships best sales

For the second half of the year, the agencies of new cars expect a growth of sales, this despite the fact that the indexes marked down, and is perceived by the number of people and companies that are interested in purchasing a new vehicle, said Jorge Alberto Zequera Sanchez.

The general manager of the local agency commented that these last few months have been good in terms of sales and we estimate that we can continue with an average sale of between 70 and 80 vehicles per month.

“For us that amount of sales is very good, especially because of the labor conflicts that took place in early 2019, where many economic sectors were affected on this border with the 20/32 movement,” he said.

“Since both the maquiladora companies stopped acquiring new vehicles, as well as the trusted employees themselves, who did not know what would end this conflict where they were affected,” he added.

After that, however, we started to have an upsurge in the sale of cars, especially in the subcompacts and compacts that are the most economical of gasoline because they are the 4 cylinders.

“So we hope for the second half of the year to be able to maintain the same level of sales, in addition to being able to increase a little more

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