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Executive transferred s / 11 billion to regions and municipalities

In the framework of the decentralization policy of the Government, the president of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra said today that during his management, have been transferred to 11,000 million soles to the regional and local governments.

This was stated by the head of State before the Congress of the Republic in the Message to the Nation for Independence day Festivities on the occasion of the 198 anniversary of the proclamation of National Independence.

“The transfer to regional governments for public investment has been facilitated, between August 2018 and July 2019 they have amounted to a total of 11 billion soles, ” he stressed.

“In the first quarter of 2019 we have allocated resources to the national, regional and local government documents for an amount of 2.8 billion soles, ensuring continuity in the execution of outstanding works,” he added.

He also reported that, in the reconstruction, with the aim of speeding up the processes and reduce the times of attention to the reconstruction projects, has been decentralized and strengthened the offices in the different departments.

“We have facilities in Piura, Tumbes, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Huaraz, Huarmey and soon we will also implement offices in Ica and Arequipa,” he said.

He indicated that in the last quarter the regional offices have contributed to 1,800 interventions, as of July this year 12,500 million soles have been financed, corresponding to more than 5,900 interventions.

“On the other hand, the municipalities have received 600 million soles for the execution of investments, the management of the property tax, the comprehensive management of solid waste, the implementation of home visits for the reduction of the anemia, the management of the water supply and sanitation system in the rural area, and urban planning”, he explained.

Decentralization policy

The head of State emphasized that national development must take place from the grassroots, responding to the needs, demands and aspirations of Peruvians throughout the country.

He therefore pointed out that decentralization has been, is and will remain the hallmark of his government.

“We committed ourselves to revitalizing the role of regional and local governments, in the immediate future, the emphasis is on the consolidation of spaces for coordination and articulation, capacity-building, optimization and predictability of resources in the territories and policy changes in favor of decentralization,” he said.

He noted that his government, together with the National Assembly of regional governments, the Association of Municipalities of Peru, and the network of urban and Rural Municipalities of Peru, has formed a multisectoral and intergovernmental task force with the participation of the Comptroller General of the Republic for capacity-building, organizational and Human Resources Management.,

“We are working on the design of territorial agendas that strengthen the role of regional governments in territorial economic development,” he said.

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