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Expect dealerships best sales

For the second half of the year, the agencies of new cars expect a growth of sales, this despite the fact that the indexes marked down, and is perceived by the number of people and companies that are interested in purchasing a new vehicle, said Jorge Alberto Zequera Sanchez. The …

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Fourteen sailors die of fire in Russian submarine

Fourteen sailors were killed in the fire of a submarine on a search mission in Russian territorial waters, the Moscow Ministry of Defense, quoted by local agencies, reported Tuesday. According to the ministry, the accident took place on the Fourteen sailors died in the fire of a submarine on a …

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Recommend tourists to choose the formal boats

Resting and recovering energies are some reasons that motivate tourists to travel at Homestay parties. Preferred destinations include those where water activities can be carried out, such as sailing on the Amazon river or whale watching or swimming with sea lions. The geographical location of Peru allows us to have …

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Innovation agency

After 12 years of investing in innovation it is necessary to identify and articulate the results. Yesterday, President Vizcarra reiterated the importance of consolidating productive diversification through increased investment and incentives for the development of Forestry, Aquaculture and tourism activities. Incentives have been identified with regulations and new institutional arrangements …

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