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Business services expanded 2.68% in May

The services sector provided to companies grew 2.68% in May of this year, compared to similar month of 2018, determined by the progress of its four major components, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (Inei) reported.

According to the monthly survey of services provided to companies that considered a sample of 2,043 companies this sector showed a cumulative expansion of 3.38% between January and may.

He explained that professional, scientific and technical activities increased by 4.47 per cent. This development was favored by architectural and engineering activities, with project execution and advance of Public Works, projects related to the mining sector and construction.

In addition, the field of technical tests and analysis grew due to physical, chemical, material, food and environmental hygiene tests; business management consulting activities showed growth had a better performance by the greater service of consulting to small, medium and large companies and the legal activities that increased due to legal, civil and labor processes.

In May, however, accounting activities declined due to lower audits and accounting consultancy.

Administrative and support services

The INEI said that the activities of administrative and support services increased by 1.50 % in may due to the contribution of the activities of private security services, physical security, consulting in security, risk prevention and logistics of values in the sectors of health, retail, mining, corporate, financial, airport, retail and smes.

In turn, increased the field activities rental and leasing operating other types of machinery, equipment and tangible goods, due to the growing request of modern heavy machinery for civil construction, mine development, and improvement of roads.

On the contrary, the rental and operational lease of motor vehicles was reduced by the completion of contracts and the activities of telephone exchanges decreased due to smaller operations of telephone campaigns.

Branding and communication

Meanwhile, the requirements of branding services and communication of creative ideas boosted advertising. In May alone, advertising and market research increased 1.22%, based on the business of advertising before the realization of branding services (corporate identity, brand strategy and value offer), communication of creative ideas, content design and advertising campaign management through digital marketing, traditional and direct marketing (activations, promotion and promotion) to position themselves in the mind of the consumer.

On the other hand, market research and public opinion surveys showed a decline due to lower marketing, consumption and survey studies.

Copa América

Moreover, it has emphasized that the realization of the copa of America has influenced the increase of the activity of the travel agencies.

Inei reported that the activity travel agencies and tour operators recorded growth of 0.99% due to the best performance of travel agencies due to the demand for flights, reservations and packages all inclusive to end-of-season offers and travel auction for national and international destinations, through internet purchases.

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