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Agencies throw down sales to save the last hour.

Last-minute discounts are already at the top of the web covers and window displays of the large travel agency networks. Chollos with discounts of up to 50% on holidays, gifts of up to 150 euros in fuel, or bookings of beach hotels for 50 euros, are some of the offers exhibited by the agencies to motivate the reservations of the months of July and August.

Viajes Carrefour offers hotel reservations “for only 10 euros”, gives 150 euros for fuel and finances vacations up to 12 months for reservations made between 10 July and 4 August. Falcon has the same offer for Carrefour fuel, but also publishes special last-minute offers on its website: Caribbean (from 125 euros per person), Canary Islands (from 95 euros per person) and Spanish coasts (from 75 euros).

Travel the English court is not left behind and offers half-price Holidays booking until July 31, while B the travel brand offers 200 euros discount booking before July 15 and launches last minute offers to Riviera Maya and Punta Cana from 666 euros for nine days with all inclusive.

Viajes Eroski, for its part, launches chollos on its website for hotel reservations in Beach, Island or international for only 50 euros and offers up to 300 euros of holiday discounts.

Although some sales outlets claim that this is a “loose ” season compared to others, the Unav management claims that the agencies are “finalizing the reservations”. Its president, Carlos Garrido, explains to preferente.com that ” this year has been booked later but the recruitment levels are being positive because of the data we are having”.

In addition to the discounts offered by travel agencies are those of hotels that have admitted an adjustment in prices to maintain the occupation and those of airlines that fill their planes at the cost of lowering prices.

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